Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace InsertsFireplace inserts are complete fireplace units that slide into an existing wood-burning fireplace to convert it to gas. They typically come in a direct vent style - we will line your existing chimney with two flexible liners, one for incoming air and one for exhaust. This eliminates negative draft problems that are commonly found with wood-burning fireplaces, and stop the drafts created by the chimney. However, it means that you have to have a big enough chimney to hold the two liners.

By the way, you can also convert your wood burning fireplace to gas using gas logs, which are cheaper, but you generally loose a little realism, and some features/options.

We sell fireplace inserts made by Lexington Forge and White Mountain Hearth. If you happen to see another manufacturer that you like, let us know. We work with enough suppliers that we may still be able to find that brand.

Lexington Forge

Lexington Forge is a relatively new line for us. They have a custom-look, and looks incredibly realistic. They are also very simple to install, which saves money on installation cost - they are not any more than the other inserts we sell. View product brochure.

White Mountain Hearth

White Mountain Hearth is made by Empire, a manufacturer whose products we have installed for over 40 years. They are time-trusted, and very good quality. The White Mountain Hearth inserts (the Innsbroock line) are new in 2007.