FireplaceTo a hearth dealer, a "fireplace" is an entire unit that goes in where there was once a blank wall. You select a fireplace unit, a mantle (which you could also build yourself if you wish), and various trim and accessories. Costs vary widely because there are so many possible trim combinations. If you already have a fireplace, and are looking to convert it to gas, you're probably more likely looking for a fireplace insert or gas logs.

Three steps to a fireplace

  1. Figure out how you're going to vent it. There are three common ways: direct vent, natural vent, and vent-free.
  2. Determine the physical size of the unit. With a fireplace, the physical dimensions usually guide the BTU size (heat output) you can have. Do this by measuring the area where you intend to install the fireplace. Don't forget about clearances for the vent from doors and windows.
  3. Pick out the actual unit, trim features and options.

Direct Vent Fireplaces

The Tahoe Series by White Mountain Hearth is our most popular direct vent fireplace. It is available in four sizes: 32", 36", 42" and 48" and three trim lines: deluxe, premium and luxury.

Natural Vent (B-Vent) Fireplaces

The Keystone Series by White Mountain Hearth is available in 34" 36" and 42" sizes, and in a standard or a premium line.

Vent-Free Fireplaces

The Vail Series by White Mountain Hearth is one of the best vent-free fireplaces on the market. It is available in 24', 26", 32" and 36" sizes.