Water Heaters

Water Heaters
Scharman Propane stocks several hot water heaters in all styles of venting. We can also customer-order any type of hot water heater that we don't have in stock, and we usually receive shipment within a week.

The water heaters we carry are built by Rinnai (left) and Bradford White (below). Bradford White has been in business since 1881, and these water heaters are all built in the US. The water heaters are very reliable, as they have solid glass tanks (they call VitaGlas Protection) and a cycling system which keeps the water circulating in the tank. This keeps sediment from collecting at the bottom of the tank, which is, ultimately, what wears out a hot water heater. All this means that Bradford White offers a six-year warranty on their products.

If you live in a mobile home, please note that there is only one type of hot water heater that is approved for mobile home use. For other homes, you may choose the natural vent, which requires a flue from the hot water heater, up through the roof (in some cases, you can tie into an existing chimney), or a power vent, which uses a fan to vent flue gasses horizontally through common PVC pipe. The power vent recirculates the flue gasses in the water, heating the water one last time, before it is vented. This gives it an extra 5-10% efficiency.

Bradford White

With higher gas prices, we have seen much more interest in instantenous water heaters. We do stock them, and have experience installing them. They are ideal solutions for a constant, steady suppy of hot water. We recommend them for use with hot tubs, commercial kitchens, shower rooms and whole house water heating, etc. Certain conditions must be met regarding water and gas flow, softness of water, etc. to have them installed. If you'd like more information, please call us, and we'd be happy to help.