Empire Natural Vent Heaters

Empire Natural Vent HeatersMaximum air flow and heating are the strong points of the RH-25 and the RH-35 Console Vented Room Heaters. Delivering atmospheric warmth to your medium-sized rooms, each unit is designed for style and efficiency. The heat can be further enhanced with an optional internal blower for added circulation.

Ideal for medium to large rooms, each unit vents with standard vent pipe. Housed in durable, textured cabinetry with a beige color finish, these room heaters will add endless comfort to any room.

Heating large areas is easy with Empire's Vented Room Heaters. With their efficient heat flow, the durable RH-50B and RH-65B offer ample warmth that makes any room comfortable. The one-piece glass enclosure allows you to see the flame as it heats while the optional ceramic logs add a fire-like glow. The closed front on the RH-50C and RH-65C easily fits in any decor.

Radiant and convection heat circulates the warmth while the blower circulates warm air throughout the winter season. The hydraulic thermostat needs no outside electricity assuring reliable, round-the-clock comfort. Each unit can be installed easily with standard vent pipe.