Garage / Workshop Heaters

Need a heater to keep your garage warm? Want to keep your utility bills low? We have several options for garage heaters that can be fairly simple to install, and are easy to use and maintain.

Before you select a heater, consider what you'll be doing in the building, and how you intend to use the heater. If you will be using chemicals or fuels frequently in the garage or workshop, you'll definately want a sealed combustion heater, like the Empire direct vent series, or a vented infrared tube heater. If you don't plan on doing that on a regular basis, you may prefer a forced air unit heater, like the Hot Dawg heater, or an inexpensive vent free heater.

Infrared Tube Heaters

If you have a very large area to heat, such as a garage, warehouse or greenhouse, we suggest you look into an infrared heater. Infrared heat is very different from forced air heat; It radiates infrared light, and heats objects. For this reason, if you intend on keeping the heat off, and turning it on only when you go the garage or workshop in to work, you'll feel the warmth immediately. Further, because it warms objects, not air, when you reach for a wrench, it'll be warm to the touch, not cool like it usually is in a space where the air is heated. By the way, just because it's heating the objects, doesn't mean the air doesn't get warm - it just means that the objects absorb the infrared heat, then they radiate that heat into the air to warm the air. It's the same type of heat the sun produces.

Empire Direct Vent Heaters

Empire direct vent heaters are by far the most popular space heater in the US today. They are easy to install, require no electricity to run, feature sealed combustion chambers, and operate at a relatively high efficiency (80%-85%). They must mount on an outside wall, and must vent horizontally through the wall, and terminate right there. They are available in 10,000 BTU, 15,000 BTU, 25,000 BTU and 35,000 BTU ratings.

Vent Free Heaters

Vent Free Heaters, both blue flame and infrared, are very easy to install and inexpensive to purchase, install and operate. They do produce an odor, which is generally not a concern in a garage. They also have an open flame, so if you intend on using chemicals or fuels, you may be better off with a vented, sealed combustion unit, like an Empire direct vent heater.

Hot-Dawg Heater

Hot Dawg HeaterThe Hot-Dawg Heater, from Modine, is one of our most popular models. It is easy to install, takes up a very small space, and puts out a lot of heat for its size. The Hot-Dawg heater is vented with a power-vent. A fan forces exhaust fumes outdoors, so there will be no burned gasses inside the building. However, the unit does draw air from inside the building for combustion. So if you paint frequently your garage, use chemicals, cut wood, or anything that leaves airborne particles, we suggest you look at one of our sealed combustion heaters instead.